Lorenzo Flexx takes Tex Davidson’s huge cock in “Demolition” part 3 from Titan Men

Titan Men has paired up Lorenzo Flexx and Tex Davidson for the third scene from “Demolition“. After breaking ground on their latest site, two hard hat studs decide to celebrate—and beefy Lorenzo Flexx knows exactly what he wants, dropping to his knees to worship Tex Davidson’s monster. “Fuck yeah!” moans Tex as his knob gets slobbered.

Lorenzo works up steady streams of spit that cling from his mouth to the shaft, dripping down to the floor from his scruffy face and Tex’s sac. “Get down on that mother fucker!” moans Tex as he whips his dick on the sucker’s chest. “Yeah baby!” Tex sucks his bud back, his own dick throbbing in excitement. He then fucks Lorenzo (“Gimmie that big dick!”), whose cock twitches as he gets pounded before they squirt.

Watch Tex Davidson fuck Lorenzo Flexx at Titan Men


Watch Tex Davidson fuck Lorenzo Flexx in “Demolition” part three


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