Max Cameron fucks Jason Barr in “Coming Out is Hard” from Pride Studios

Men Over 30 – one of the sites within the Pride Studios network – has released a new scene called “Coming Out is Hard“. The studio has paired up Max Cameron and Jason Barr and they make a great pair. Max is talking to Jason on the phone about his coming out to his family. Max is very emotional because his family has not accepted him coming out and he is fighting back tears.

Jason tells Max that he will come home early from work to be with him. Jason arrives and gives Max a big hug that leads into some passionate kissing. Soon their clothes are coming off and Jason is giving Max exactly what he needs to get his mind off his coming out to his parents.

Jason gives his lover the most amazing blow job and then turns over onto his stomach so Max can get a fill of his lovely bubble butt. Max is forgetting about everything now as Jason is comforting him on all levels of intimacy. The two make passionate love until Jason releases his load all over his chest which makes Max pull out and cum all over Jason’s face.

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Watch Max Cameron fuck Jason Barr in “Coming Out is Hard”

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