Dorian Ferro pounds Jonah Fontana in “Backstage Pass 2” part four from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the fourth scene from their “Backstage Pass 2” movie. Jonah Fontana makes out with Dorian Ferro, rubbing his hands along Dorian’s gorgeous ass. Dorian gently strokes Jonah’s cock and caresses Jonah’s chest. Jonah goes down on Dorian, worshiping Dorian’s cock with his thick lips and copious spit. Dorian enhances the pleasure by playing with his own nipples.

After sucking Dorian’s cock, Jonah moves on to rim Dorian’s ass. He parts Dorian’s furry, firm ass cheeks and pushes his bearded chin deep in Dorian’s crack. Jonah’s perfect ass is on display, and Dorian is eager to fuck it. He thrusts into Jonah doggy style as Jonah braces himself on a ladder. As he’s getting fucked, Jonah strokes his meaty cock, and the action is so intense, Jonah blows a white, creamy load!

But Dorian’s not done yet. Moving to missionary position, Jonah throws his left leg over Dorian’s right shoulder, bringing Dorian’s cock even deeper into Jonah’s fuckable hole. Jonah’s beefy pecs ripple with the impact of Dorian’s intense thrusting. Reaching the point of no return, Dorian jerks out a massive load that lands right on Jonah’s ball sack, coating it with sticky, white cum.

Watch Dorian Ferro pound Jonah Fontana in “Backstage Pass 2”


Watch Dorian Ferro plow Jonat Fontana’s ass at Raging Stallion

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