Alejandro Castillo, Viktor Rom, Bogdan Gromov, Mario Domenech & Damien Crosse in a raw orgy

Lucas Entertainment knows how to throw a party; a hot bareback party that is! Damien Crosse might look macho and butch, but when he’s put into the right scenario he turns into a submissive bottom. And the kind of scenario needed is four sexy guys surrounding him ready to use his body. Those guys are the power tops Alejandro Castillo and Viktor Rom, and the versatile men Mario Domenech and Bogdan Gromov.

Viktor is the first to stick his dick into Damien Crosse bareback; Damien’s cock is erect between his legs, and Bogdan takes the opportunity to suck on it. Bogdan has a tight and pretty little hole, and with it exposed to Mario he takes advantage of the opening and sticks his dick deep inside. When Viktor is done with Damien’s ass, Alejandro moves in to use him as a proverbial cum dump!

Watch the full-length bareback orgy at Lucas Entertainment


Watch these masculine guys in a Lucas Entertainment bareback orgy

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