Woody Fox is back and fucks Dorian Ferro in “Internal Specialists” from Hot House

Hot House released the first scene from a brand new movie, called “Internal Specialists“. The sexy Woody Fox is back (hooray) and visits Dr. Dorian Ferro for a routine physical so he can play baseball. ‘What position do you play?’ asks Dr. Ferro. ‘I’m a pitcher,’ Woody says with a wink and a smile, trying to get a rise out of his hot doctor who he expects plays for his ‘team’.

Seeing just how far he can push his doctor fantasy, he continues to see if Dr. Ferro will bite. When Dr. Ferro has Woody drop trough to cup his balls, Woody’s cock swells and throbs. After a little fondling and hesitation, Dr. Ferro finally gives in to his desires. Eager to play catcher to Woody’s pitch, Dr. Ferro wraps his lips around Woody’s enormous cock. While stroking Woody’s shaft with his left hand, Dr. Ferro uses his soft tongue and lips to stimulate the sensitive tip.

Dropping trou, Dr. Ferro bends over the table: it’s time for Woody to play doctor and examine Dr. Ferro’s hole with his tongue. Parting Dr. Ferro’s furry cheeks, Woody presses his wet mouth into the crack and spreads his saliva all around. Grabbing his rock hard cock, Woody thrusts himself into Dr. Ferro’s hole, all the way down to the base. Dr. Ferro puts one leg up on the exam table to spread his cheeks and take Woody’s dick as hard as possible.

Flipping over to missionary position, Dr. Ferro’s huge cock whips through the air in rhythm with Woody’s pumping. With Woody still inside him, Dr. Ferro blows his wad, spurting thick, white cum everywhere. Woody pulls out and adds his own load to the puddles of cum streaking across Dr. Ferro’s torso.

Watch Woody Fox fuck doctor Dorian Ferro at Hot House

Watch Woody Fox fuck doctor Dorian Ferro at Hot House


  • W.E.

    Great to see Aussie hottie Woody back. His body looks hotter than ever. Hope he’s versatile this time, though he did bottom a few times during his first stint in porn.

    • Would like to see Woody versatile for sure.

    • Dennis010

      Good to have Woody back. I’ve always enjoyed his work. Seeing him getting fucked is hot too

  • Hot!

  • HonoluluJoe

    Aloha. Dorian Ferro is still one sexy man and happy and really hard that Hot Woody Fox is back.👅🔥💪