Two cute straight friends both get fucked for cash in Czech Hunter #280

Czech Hunter #280 is a nice double update. It’s one release, but in stead of one straight guy, we’re getting two straight guys! They are best friends and came to Prague to visit Christmas markets and to party. They probably didn’t expect they would kiss each other during their little trip. And that’s not all… they end up side-by-side… face down, ass up and they get their tight asses fucked!

Christmas markets in Prague are full of visitors. Prices are very steep, though. That’s why it’s not easy to find locals around. Still, I wanted to make a nice Christmas video for you guys and this place was a natural starting point. It didn’t take too long and I found two young boys who came to Prague for a visit and to party. Two good friends alone in Prague… No way I was going to let them go.

One of them was wearing a Santa’s cap and was a bit tipsy. It was easy to talk him into doing something unconventional. The other friend was quite shy but that complicated things only slightly. When I watched their first kiss-for-money, I knew this day will be incredible. It was freezing outside so we decided to go to my apartment and continue there. Inside the boys started warming up pretty quickly, and I’m not talking only about temperature.

Watch these two straight friends getting fucked in Czech Hunter #280

Watch these straight friends getting fucked in Czech Hunter #280