Sean Duran fucks Tyson Glover in “State of Arousal” part one from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the first scene from “State of Arousal” – a new movie directed by Steve Cruz. For the opening scene, Steve has paired up hot muscle top Sean Duran and the very sexy Tyson Glover. When Tyson sees Sean, their mutual erotic chemistry propels them both into a heightened state of arousal. Sean, tattooed from head to toe, sits upright as Tyson services his cock.

Tyson – lean, tanned, and with both nipples pierced – feeds off Sean’s dominant energy, putting himself fully at Sean’s service. As Tyson uses his tongue to slather Sean’s cock with spit, Sean reaches for Tyson’s ass and probes with his finger. Eager to get a taste, Sean lays flat so that Tyson can sit on his face. As he eats Tyson’s ass, Sean’s cock throbs with uncontrollable erotic spasms. With their senses heightened by their intense connection, Tyson and Sean take things to the next level.

Pointing his cock straight up, Sean invites Tyson to sit down and go for a ride. As he sinks down on Sean’s thick rod, Tyson’s ass stretches wide. Sweat glistens on their toned bodies as they alternate between Sean thrusting up from below and Tyson raising and lowering himself from above. Getting on his back, Tyson spreads his legs wide and invites Sean to plow the depths of his hole.

With his muscles bulging, Sean ramps up the speed of his thrusting, bringing them both to the brink of orgasm. Sinking to his knees, Tyson sucks Sean’s cock, then opens his mouth as Sean’s thick, hot load explodes over his face. Jerking his cock, Tyson unleashes his own gushing cumshot which erupts like a geyser all over the floor. Rising to his feet, Tyson presses his lips to Sean’s in a final, passionate kiss.

 The outstanding cast of “State of Arousal” is led by Bruno Bernal and Jimmy Durano, plus acclaimed performers Sean Duran, Tyson Glover, Tex Davidson, Jack Vidra, XL, and Colton Grey. The remaining three scenes will be released during the month of December

Watch Sean Duran fuck Tyson Glover at Raging Stallion

Watch Tyson Glover take Sean Duran’s big cock at Raging Stallion

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