Nerdy Czech boy makes cash with his ass in Czech Hunter #278

The guy in the 278th episode from Czech Hunter is a sexy little geek. This nerdy Czech boy has a beautiful uncut cock and a very tight ass. This straight fellow is also very, very broke… which makes him the perfect victim!

In the North of Prague, there is a huge shop with computers. I was snooping around for any good looking geeks and nerds. After some time I came across a beautiful young boy, who was there to pick up a new T-shirt. A very nice T-shirt to be honest. It had Kamasutra style pictures on it. Immediately, I got an awesome idea. I wanted to try every single position depicted on the T-shirt.

Obviously, I couldn’t go for it too directly, I had to be smart and charming at first. Fortunately, the guy was at high school so he was basically broke. We went for a little walk and then I took him somewhere nice. He had an absolutely stunning cock, I almost couldn’t stop playing with that beautiful thing. But I had to, I wanted to try all those positions. I think he started regretting his choice of T-shirt pretty soon.

Watch this nerdy Czech boy make cash with his ass

Watch this nerdy Czech boy getting fucked in Czech Hunter #278