Luke Adams takes Max Sargent’s daddy cock in “Stopover in Bonds Corner” part two

Titan Men has released the second scene from “Stopover in Bonds Corner” – a movie directed by the legendary Joe Gage. Luke Adams takes Max Sargent‘s big daddy cock in this part and things end with some very hot cum-feeding action.

Daddy Max Sargent opens the door to find jock student Luke Adams in distress, claiming he just ran from a stranger in a car who flashed him. “Here, I’ll show you,” he says, taking out his cock. “Was it hard, like this?” asks Max, taking out his own beast. “He was going to make you suck his dick.”

Max guides the wide-eyed Luke down on his cock, then sucks him back. Luke slurps him again, his nose planted in Max’s bush. Max eats and fucks the bottom, whose hard cock pulses as the top thrusts in deep. Luke sits down on it as his own boner bobs up and down. “You gonna come in my mouth?” asks Max, whose beard is soon coated before Luke yells “Give it to me, sir!”

Watch Max Sargent fuck Luke Adams’ young ass at Titan Men


Watch Luke Adams take Max Sargent’s big daddy cock at Titan Men


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