Jay Alexander gets fucked by Max Cameron in “New Artist Space” from Pride Studios

The latest release from Pride Studios is called “New Artist Space“. Inked stud Max Cameron has brought Jay Alexander to the new warehouse space that he is going to rent out and turn into an artist space for him. Jay is tentative at first, but Max convinces him how great it will be once they clear out the stuff left behind by the previous tenant. He notices a mattress propped against the wall and asks why that is there and Max decides that they should break in their new space and puts the mattress on the ground.

They begin to passionately kiss letting their hands wander all over each other’s bodies. They soon are naked and blowing each other deep and hard. Max loves to gag on Jay’s enormous cock. Jay returns the favor with some mind blowing head as he strokes his dick while sucking on the tip making Max almost climax.

Max then rims Jay lubing up his warm ass with his dripping wet tongue soaking Jay’s eager little hole for his hard cock. Max fucks Jay hard but also deep, long and passionate while kissing in multiple positions before neither can hold back and they both shoot their loads.

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