Dominic Pacifico bottoms for Jace Chambers in “Training Hard” part 3 from Pride Studios

In “Training Hard” part three from Pride Studios we’re seeing Dominic Pacifico and Jace Chambers. They are both cleaning up their gym locker room/shower area and having some small talk with each other. Dominic asks Jace to tell him what happened with Bryan and Jace asks if he really wants to know. Dominic wants to know if Bryan was better than he is as a bottom.

Jace reassures him that he is the best. Jace then asks if Sean has a better cock than he does and Dominic assures Jace that his is the best. The two then begin kissing and soon their cocks are out and they are sucking each other.

Jace rolls Dominic up on his back and begins rimming his ass deep and hard. He then fucks Dominic is a few positions proving to each other that they really do have the best sex. At the end they agree as a couple that in the future, rather than hooking up with others alone, they will do it together.

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Watch Dominic Pacifico bottom for Jace Chambers at Pride Studios