Colby Keller fucks Levi Karter in “The Stillest Hour” part one from CockyBoys

The wait is over… the long-awaited porn project from CockyBoys is here! “The Stillest Hour” is a 2 part series that is a twisted new take on the psychos-exual thriller genre where perception, reality, control or lack of it and power dynamics in gay relationships are explored. The first part, starring Colby Keller and Levi Karter is now available in the CockyBoys members area.

Will Wikle is a psychotherapist who obsessively controls every aspect of his personal and professional life. Colby Keller, who is his client, details his encounters with Levi Karter. Soon the lines of reality blur when all three men intermingle each other into their lives where control and boundaries are in flux. The power dynamics between Colby and Levi develop from a powerful mind fuck to a physical encounter that is intense and is commingled with acrobatics and raw passion. It is a set of moments that leave you breathless and gasping for more.

Watch Levi Karter bottom for Colby Keller at CockyBoys

Actor and Big Brother star Will Wikle will make his porn debut later this week, when the second part of “The Stillest Hour” will be released. Just like Levi, he gets a good and hard pounding from Colby Keller. Here are a few previews from what’s about to come out just before Christmas.

Watch “The Stillest Hour” part one from CockyBoys right here