Bruce Beckham slams his big cock deep inside Bruno Bernal in “Wasteland” part one

Raging Stallion has today released the first scene from a new movie, called “Wasteland“. This movie has been directed by Steve Cruz and contains four hardcore duo scenes. The first one brings together Bruce Beckham and Bruno Bernal.

Bruno Bernal is caged in captivity, subject to the whims of his ruthless guard, Bruce Beckham. After a thwarted escape attempt, Bruce uses his enormous cock to assert his authority over Bruno. Grabbing Bruno by his hair, Bruce forces his cock down Bruno’s throat. Knowing that pleasing his master is his only chance for survival, Bruno opens his gullet and delivers a gasping, deep-throated blowjob to Bruce’s gargantuan member.

To prepare Bruno for his initial pounding, Bruce whips out a massive black dildo and pushes it into Bruno’s ass. The girth of the dong stretches out Bruno’s tight muscle ring, and Bruce takes advantage of Bruno’s ass by seeing how far down his tongue will fit. With Bruno’s ass lubed and stretched, Bruce slams his meat between Bruno’s butt cheeks and pounds him with relentless intensity.

Sweat drips off their bodies and Bruno’s face twists into a distorted grimace as Bruce’s anal assault reaches its peak. Sinking to his knees, Bruno takes Bruce’s cum in the face, then obediently jerks out his own load before being caged up until the next time Bruce wants to have some fun.

In the second scene from “Wasteland” we’re seeing Myles Landon and Talon Reed fuck. Rafael Lords and Ryan Cruz have been paired up for the third scene. In the fourth and final scene, we’re seeing muscle top Sean Duran fucking┬áRafael Lords’ ass.

Watch Bruce Beckham fuck Bruno Bernal at Raging Stallion

Watch Bruno Bernal take Bruce Beckham’s big cock in “Wasteland” part one