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Burning hot ginger gentleman Leander and Sam Barclay from UK Hot Jocks sit down to chat about porn, travel and… ducks. Yeah. Anyway absurd adult conversation aside, Leander seems to be a refined man, Australian by originality but long living in London, gives him a sexy mixed and unplaceable accent.

In his olive green football pants and topless splendour he sits poised, elbow on one knee, engaging and charming, it’s hard not to let your heart flutter a little. Hands slowly move up and down his own body thumbs press into abs and his eyes stare a 1000 yards into the distance. His growing crotch needs his attention, stuffing his hands down there giving himself the touch he craved, hardening, quickening, getting his thick cock out to play.

Casually leaning one shoulder on some lockers, leaving his hands free, he works up to full mast, breathing deeply, exerting a little but incrementing effort, a bone that can’t be left alone! Stripping off in style, he gets naked, lays back and stretches out that perfect body. Squeezing the muscles, endorphins and that horny feeling. Focused now, he brings himself too the boil, a furious fucking wank, breathing is sharp, reactions are fast and a big load is imminent!

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