Arad plows Allen King’s perfect ass in “Aradicated” from CockyBoys

For their latest release, CockyBoys has paired up sexy exclusive Allen King and power top Arad WinWin. Both Arad and Allen have sexy hard bodies and are full of charm. Allen has that sexy and piercing personality that grabs your attention right away. Arad is dark, handsome and sultry. Both guys are just the perfect pair to charm and seduce the socks off of anyone.

So together it’s a no brainer that the fireworks will be explosive. Both Arad and Allen connected at a primal level and the chemistry between them was off the hook. No angle or spot was left untouched giving each the fiery end we all knew was coming. Definitely time for a quick break and then maybe a second round…?

Watch Allen King getting “Aradicated” in the latest CockyBoys release

Watch Arad WinWin fuck Allen King’s perfect ass at CockyBoys