Wes Campbell and Blake Mitchell double fuck Logan Cross in “Stuffed” from Helix Studios

The guys from Helix Studios have released a very hot bareback scene, called “Stuffed“. Little Logan Cross has the cutest laugh ever; which is why his buddies Blake Mitchell and Wes Campbell have him pinned to the bed in a rip roaring tickle fight! Pretty soon the guys are tickling each other’s pickles and lil’ Logan is serviced at either end by his more experienced friends.

It’s definitely service with a smile as Blake’s big beast dangles at Logan’s lips while Wes is buried in the back end eating Logan’s little hole. The guys go IN on Logan’s super smooth sphincter, swapping spit and taking turns grooming the tight hole for an epic condom-free ass fuck.

Logan is in a pure state of lust, stuffed at each end by his best buds and their bionic boners. The guys take turns pounding their pal, tenderizing his tush before pushing another cock in there… at the same time. This naturally makes the guys wanna nut but they’d rather go the distance. They rearrange in order to last longer. What follows is an amazing spit-roast that any pig would be happy to be part of! Logan’s happy holes both wind up filled with sticky sweetness.

Watch Wes Campbell and Blake Mitchell double-penetrate Logan Cross at Helix Studios

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Watch Wes Campbell and Blake Mitchell double-fuck Logan Cross