Sean Duran, Jason Barr and Matt Stevens fuck in “Glory Hole Birthday Surprise”

Pride Studios has released a very hot threesome, titled “Glory Hole Birthday Surprise“. Muscle top Sean Duran‘s good friend Matt Stevens has asked him for a big favor to surprise his boyfriend Jason Barr at the club. Matt and Sean come up with the idea of Sean waiting in the bathroom playing with his cock near the glory hole at the club Sean dances at.

Matt’s boyfriend Jason isn’t having a good time at the club and wants to go home but Matt leads him into the bathroom first in hopes of turning the night around. They walk up by the glory hole arguing about the night and Jason sees Matt staring at the glory hole. Jason is disgusted by it but Matt starts to pull on Sean’s dick which is sticking out hard as a rock. Matt tells Jason to give a few tugs and enjoy his Birthday.

Jason reluctantly does and soon enough he is blowing Sean’s hard cock through the glory hole. Sean comes out from the stall and they all start blowing each other. Birthday boy Jason gets bent over first and fucked by Sean’s big cock. Sean pounds that hungry hole and Jason is in Birthday heaven. Matt even gets a taste of Sean’s cock deep inside of him while he blows Jason until he cums bent over. Sean cums all over Matt’s back and Jason also releases his B-day load all over Matt’s cum-covered back.

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  • Tangled in the sexual frenzy would be how I would call what Sean Duran, Matt Stevens and Jason Barr have become.