Cooper Steel gets his bare ass fucked by Nathan Reed in “Pool Boys” from Helix Studios

This hot scene from Helix Studios is called “Pool Boys“. Adorable all American apple pie cuties Cooper Steel and Nathan Reed decide to take a dip in the pool, only problem. Neither one brought their swim trunks! Lucky us, they make do with just their undies! There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful boy in wet underwear, except two sexy boys in wet underwear!

Engorged, gorgeous and dripping wet the boys are nearly busting out of their tight dripping drawers. After some hot cock sucking action at the pool, the guys take it inside and decide to close the curtains so you know it’s about to go down!

Nathan treats Cooper’s cock like a ice cream cone on a hot summer day, taking long loving licks. He lavishes every inch of the beautiful blonde before lifting his legs in the air and giving it to him hard and raw! This is a picturesque sex fest of pure all american, youthful nut busting lust. You’re gonna need a towel.

Watch Cooper Steel get fucked by Nathan Reed at Helix Studios

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Watch Cooper Steel bottom for Nathan Reed at Helix Studios


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