Martin Muse slams his raw uncut dick into Billy Rock’s hungry arse at UK Naked Men

Wow, if you didn’t have a feet ‘thing’ before this – you will now. UK Naked Men has brought back Billy Rock and welcome Czech boy Martin Muse (who you might recognize from Staxus)The boys strip off – just their shoes – and have a good long inhalation of the absolute essence of boy. That special scene of masculinity the arousing pong of pheromone and as we’re stripping it right back to basic animal lust, lets throw those condoms out of the window too.

Billy is revved up and can’t wait to suck, rim and snog as his tight, little hole twitches, his sweet little knot of sphincter blossoming at Martin’s touch. Martin sits back as Billy straddles his warm, hairy legs and slowly guides that rigid, uncut dick into his wet, waiting arse. All this and both of these hunks are uncut, that’s a cherry of a foreskin on an any cake.

Martin slam fucks his cum dumpster bottom-boy, once he’s up to his nuts in Billy’s butt he knows he can do anything he wants, he ‘owns’ that arse. Martin wants it his way, so he pushes Billy down, doggy style and rams that slut-hole for all he’s worth!

Watch Martin Muse raw-fuck Billy Rock at UK Naked Men


Watch Martin Muse raw-fuck Billy Rock at UK Naked Men


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