Luke Volta uses his big uncut cock to fill up Dom Ully’s ass hole at UK Naked Men

In this new release from UK Naked Men, we’re seeing hot young hunks Luke Volta and Dom Ully. Winter is coming so it’s time to spice things up with some hot skin-on-skin bareback fuck action and two delicious young things to snuggle up with – both sporting big, juicy dicks, perfect skin – to run your hands all over and, of course, handsome faces.

Dom Ully is as sweet as cherry and as over sexed as a 24 year is expected to be whilst our sexy, total-top – Luke Volta – is a stunning specimen of burgeoning man hood at 25 he has a lot more experience than Dom, but our overly willing sub is eager to learn! I just love Luke’s big brown nipples – just begging to be licked and flicked. The boys start on the bed stripping each other down and kissing each others full, succulent lips with increasing passion and the scratch of stubble.

Dom lies back and allows Luke to go to work on his stiffening, uncut dick. There’s no way this cutie can say ‘no’ to that throbbing, spit-wet raw cock deep inside his arse, feeling it kick and twitch as it pulses – wrapped and milked by his tight, ‘almost’ virginal sphincter. Luke pushes Dom’s handsome face into the pillow as our bottom-boy gasps and submits completely to the ecstatic, almost painful stretching of his tight hole.

Watch Luke Volta slam his uncut cock deep inside Dom Ully’s hole at UK Naked Men

Watch hot hunk Luke Volta bareback Dom Ully at UK Naked Men