Secret Service Agent Jason Vario fucks Bruce Beckham in “Cauke For Free” part three

The guys from Titan Men have released the third scene from their “Cauke For Free” series. Special agent Bo Hunter (played by Jason Vario) eyes the action in the hotel suite during election night. He’s approached from behind by lobbyist Bruce Beckham, who whispers into his ear: “You like watching?”

He reaches around and rubs the tattooed stud’s bulge, the two soon swallowing each other’s big dicks to the root. Their dicks are fully erect in seconds. Not much later, Bruce mounts the horny top, his beast of a boner slamming against Jason’s abs as he bounces up and down.

Watch Jason Vario fuck Bruce Beckham at Titan Men

Watch Bruce Beckham take Jason Vario’s big cock at Titan Men