James Devlin rims and raw-fucks Dominic’s ass at Active Duty

Ever since we first laid eyes upon sweet, enthusiastic James Devlin, I knew he’d rocket to huge popularity here at Active Duty. I saw that solo and knew he was just right type of recruit to rally troop spirits and have a blast himself. Well I don’t wanna call it too early, but I was right! And our sexy bottom Dominic is first to reap the benefits. And boy did the clothes come off quick!

Once they did, Dominic couldn’t get his lips around James’s dick fast enough. What a little slut! I’m glad we get to watch him go nuts. The sucking lead James to move behind Dominic to get a taste of that sweet hole he knew he’d be fucking very shortly. They readjust and James goes back to relaxing for a while as Dominic continues working that hard cock. ‘Wanna taste his ass too? …go for it! …then go back to the cock,’ Claude recommends.

Dominic follows the suggestion and sticks his face into James’s ass, licking as good as he knows how. Then we get to the main event! Dominic presents his ass nicely to James, who slides his hard meat into Dom’s ass and works up a good rhythm. I love seeing Dominic’s face when he’s getting pounded. Dominic switches to his back and Claude goes underneath to show us James inserting his hard dick into his new friend’s eager ass. This is Dominic at his finest: taking a solid pounding from a powerful new recruit.

Watch James Devlin rfuck Dominic’s bare ass at Active Duty


Watch James Devlin fuck Dominic’s bare ass at Active Duty


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