Mohawk dude Izaak Aziz fucks Blake in a hot amateur video from Next Door World

Next Door World has released a bit of an unusual video. It’s a homemade video in true amateur style and quality. It’s a hot scene starring two hot and hung guys. We’ve seen Blake before, but Izaack is a newcomer… which I wouldn’t mind seeing back again.

That insatiable devil Blake has done it again! He sent us a fresh, homemade tape of himself getting drilled by a dude named Izaak Aziz. Blake pulled off some impressive stuff before, getting his totally straight coworker, John, to not only fuck him on camera, but then convincing John to make a video of himself jerking off. My goodness, this time he’s outdone himself. Izaak is fucking hot!

He looks like a construction worker you’d run into down at the local watering hole. Izaack is tattooed and built like a football player. It appears in the beginning of the video that Blake reminds Izaack that he had told him before about the recording he made of himself and John, but he doesn’t mention that he sent anything to us. He makes it sound as if the video was for his own private use. Izaack seems very happy to costar in this next little production… and we’re glad he does! Watch our sneaky, cock-hungry friend Blake get absolutely pounded by this big, sexy dude.

Watch Blake getting a hard pounding from Izaak  Try Next Door World three days for a dollar

Watch Blake getting a hard pounding from Izaak at Next Door World