Falcon Studios celebrates 45th anniversary with new design + Sean Zevran fucks Brandon Rivers

Falcon Studios has re-launched their website with a brand new site design. The tour re-design was planned to coincide with the brand’s 45th anniversary celebrations, which began November 1st and will continue over the next year!

“The new tour has been designed to showcase the premium content available to members, in addition to celebrating the four-and-a-half decades of award-winning content produced by the world’s most recognizable gay adult brand. A newly optimized mobile version of the tour was also launched this October.”, says a spokesperson from Falcon Studios.

Falcon Studios offers more than 2500 exclusive HD videos, top performers and multiple updates per week. Members can view all the content on their favorite devices, including TV, tablet and mobile phone. The studio has also announced upcoming members area contests, where members can win great prizes such as Membership Extensions, Fleshjacks, DVDs and Calendars!

See the new and improved Falcon Studios site

The first scene which has been released after the re-launch is the third scene from “Deep Release“. Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, Sean Zevran awaits the expert touch of Brandon Rivers. Brandon slicks up Sean’s back with massage oil, working his way from Sean’s muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping over, Sean reveals his massive, throbbing erection. Without hesitation, Brandon reaches down and strokes Sean’s hot, hard meat.

Opening his mouth, Brandon takes Sean’s cock inside his mouth, then slides up to stimulate the sensitive head with his tongue. Wrapping his hand around the base of Sean’s cock, Brandon combines his sucking and stroking for a potent oral servicing. Loosening Brandon’s pants, Sean reaches around and probes Brandon’s tight ass. Brandon climbs up and sits on Sean’s face, and Sean eagerly drives his tongue into the dark recesses of Brandon’s inviting ass. As Sean thrusts his cock up into Brandon’s mouth, Brandon jerks his hard cock.

Brandon is eager to get fucked, so he sits down on Sean’s huge cock for an intensely deep ride. Stretching Brandon’s ass cheeks apart, Sean thrusts upwards, driving his tool faster and faster into Brandon’s hole. Switching to missionary position, Sean ramps up speed and intensity with long, powerful pumps. The intense penetration brings Brandon to the point of no return, and he blasts a huge, white load across his abs. Kneeling above Brandon, Sean jerks out his thick load directly into Brandon’s mouth, with one final, massive rope pooling right in the middle of Brandon’s tongue.

Watch Sean Zevran fuck Brandon Rivers in “Deep Release”

Watch Sean Zevran fuck massage therapist Brandon Rivers at Falcon