Drunk straight boy goes gay for pay in Czech Hunter #272

Another episode, another cute straight boy! In Czech Hunter #272, we’re seeing a very handsome young Czech guy, who was in desperate need for some extra cash. He was a bit drunk, which made things a little easier for the guys from Czech Hunter. He took that cock like a champ!

This boy had such sweet plans. He wanted to prepare a nice dinner for his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. So romantic. Then he met me and got seduced by the prospect of easy money. I think he would normally tell me to go away but he was a bit tipsy when I met him. He was at his friend’s place, had a few beers, and then head home to cook. Alcohol always makes my job easier.

Still, I had to reach very deep into my pocket. Fortunately, he was open-minded. He even had some gay friends so he wasn’t scared by me like straight dudes sometimes are. He told me a funny story about a guy who offered him a notebook in exchange for sex. I had much better offer for him. I could tell he felt bad about it but he agreed eventually.

Watch this straight guy go gay for pay in Czech Hunter #272

Watch this straight boy go gay for pay in Czech Hunter #272