Geo Dovek opens his tight hairy hole for Angel Garcia’s uncut meat at Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon has invited Geo Dovek back for another portion of those long, hairy legs and that smooth, ready-to-fuck hole, mmmm thats some sweet meat! Angel Garcia is obviously impressed, he’s in like Flynn with a long, wet probing tongue, (this boy just luvs to eat ass), then fingers and of course his rigid, juicy cock. Geo’s a strangely shy exhibitionist, but he’s soon so turned on that the cameras are adding to the experience and he’s rampantly aroused – Angel could do anything to him – and he does.

Sexy, studly Geo gets it all ways, Angel power drives his hot hole, riding the waves of muscular ass cheeks, before flipping him over and lifting his strong muscular legs up to expose his succulent hole, all the time driving deep inside him relentlessly. Geo is luving the ride, but soon he’s begging Angel to let him cum, its hard to hold back as his G-spot takes a mammoth pounding and he wanks his own stiff, uncut meat!

Watch Geo Dovek take Angel Garcia’s big uncut meat at Butch Dixon


Watch Angel Garcia fuck Geo Dovek’s hairy ass at Butch Dixon