Aitor Crash and Damian Boss tag-team Dominic Pacifico at Alphamales

Alphamales has re-released a hot threesome, starring masculine studs Aitor Crash, Damian Boss and Dominic Pacifico. As the men start to pair off a little, Damian Boss, Aitor Crash and the resident bottom boy Dominic get to know each other a bit more whilst the others are on the other sofa enjoying themselves. Aitor’s tattooed, hairy muscles looks amazing, and his handsome face when stuffed with dick is awesome!

Damian has a really impressive slab of meat between his legs and an appetite to show it off and get another fucked down his throat, he’s in the perfect place for this! All three here are handsome, hairy and perfect Alphamales, who could want more? But as Aitor slams into Dominic and Damian fucks his face in unison, that question is answered, and with a peek of the other sofa to match, this with surely tip you over into orgasm time and time again!

Alphamales recycles old content. This scene was originally released in September 2012 and has now been re-released.

Watch Aitor Crash and Damian Boss fuck Dominic Pacifico


Watch Aitor Crash and Damien Boss tag-team Dominic Pacifico


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