Straight Czech guy agrees to get fucked in stead of going to a job interview

This week, Czech Hunter has released episode #268 and it’s a hot one. They found themselves a hot straight Czech guy who was on his way to a job interview. After some persuasions, this guys agrees to suck dick and get fucked. He just couldn’t resist the money he was offered to go gay for pay.

I love to completely derail other people’s plans. For example, this guy was going to have a job interview today. I bet he prepared for it, shaved himself, dressed nicely, maybe even put on some perfume. He was deep in his thoughts, probably rehearsing the right lines to impress his potential employer. And then I bumped into him and started talking to him.

Very soon the job interview was forgotten. Because he was smart. There would always be other ordinary job opportunities. But ordinary jobs rarely make you 26 000 in one afternoon. He did the math and instead of trying to get a bartender job he ended up in my hotel room being pounded like if there was no tomorrow. He was straight but I’m sure he liked our little experiment. And if not, so what? I got what I wanted.

Watch this straight Czech guy getting fucked at Czech Hunter

Watch this hot straight Czech guy getting fucked at Czech Hunter