Sebastian Kross fucks Griffin Barrows and feeds him his cum load at Hot House

Crackling leather stretches against the muscled bodies of Sebastian Kross and Griffin Barrows in the third scene from the Hot House movie “Skuff: Rough Trade 1“. Griffin sinks to his knees and swallows every inch of Sebastian’s huge cock. Griffin’s deep-throating fetish takes center stage as Sebastian face-fucks Griffin’s mouth. Griffin reclines on a fuck bench and leans his head back, opening his mouth to receive Sebastian’s big dick.

Grabbing Griffin’s harness, Sebastian rams his lengthy dick all the way down Griffin’s throat, his balls slapping against Griffin’s face with each vigorous pump. After nearly 10 minutes of taking Sebastian’s thick and long cock down his throat, Griffin’s so turned on that he turns around and offers up his butt. Sebastian parts Griffin’s ass cheeks and dives in tongue first. He spits on Griffin’s hole, then uses his tongue to loosen up that hole.

Spit drips from Griffin’s hole down his smooth nut sack as Sebastian plays with the sensitive head of Griffin’s swollen, throbbing cock. With Griffin’s hole lubed and ready to get fucked, Sebastian lays down flat on the bench. Griffin lowers himself down and uses his beefy legs to ride Sebastian’s rod. As Sebastian picks up speed, his huge, low-hanging nuts swing back and forth through the air with wet slaps.

Griffin’s hole stretches wide as Sebastian’s cock drives deeper inside. Sweat drips from both their bodies as they move to a sling. Ramming his meat into Griffin, Sebastian produces primal moans from the insatiable bottom. As Sebastian pummels Griffin’s prostate, Griffin reaches an incredible climax, blasting his torso with giant gobs of cum. Sebastian shoots his load on Griffin’s ass, then scoops it up and feeds it to him, capping it off with passionate kissing.

Watch Sebastian Kross pound Griffin Barrows’ eager hole


Watch Sebastian Kross fuck Griffin Barrows’ eager hole at Hot House

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