Saxon West, Sean Duran and Jimmie Slater fuck in “Warehouse Hookup” part three

Pride Studios has released the third scene from “Warehouse Hookup“. It’s a hot threesome starring Saxon West, Sean Duran and Jimmie Slater. Both Saxon and Sean are waiting for big-dicked hottie Jimmie to arrive at his warehouse. Saxon and Sean have only heard stories about the size of Jimmie’s cock and they can’t wait to experience it.

Jimmie finally arrives and after some small talk his big dick is out and Saxon has it deep in his mouth while Sean kisses Jimmie. They swap blows taking turns on Jimmie’s dick and Saxon tries to stuff his face with both cocks. Three sexy studs are ready to fuck so they position themselves in train style with Sean in the middle and Jimmie in the back.

The fuck-train is in motion pushing and thrusting along. The train disembarks and Saxon ends up on his back laying on the tire as Jimmie and Sean take turns fucking his hole until Saxon explodes with a volcano of a load all over the place which sends Sean and Jimmie into a cum blasting furry as well.

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Watch Saxon West, Sean Duran and hung hottie Jimmie Slater fuck

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