Muscular and hung newcomer Rocke jerks off for Active Duty

Meet Rocke (pronounced ‘Rock’)! He’s braaaaand new at Active Duty! Rocke is just delicious. I couldn’t wait to see him shirtless, and of course, eventually totally naked, but I could just tell Rocke was gonna look absolutely amazing once he had all the goods on display. And indeed, my prediction was spot on. Rocke is bound by thick muscles all over his body and endowed with a seriously amazing dick!

Once Rocke gets comfy enough to really work up a healthy, throbbing erection, Claude moves in close as Rocke enjoys his boner on the couch. Rocke stands up to show us the rest of the package. Claude gets in tight, right underneath to let us see just how tasty those balls are. Oh yes, I love the way Rocke strokes. Then it’s back to the couch where Rocke takes a more reclined position.

Now he’s in a comfortable rhythm, jerking that oily beast and letting the ecstatic sensation take him to a sensuous realm. Claude gets up high to give us a great shot of Rocke’s perfect physique. Finally, Rocke explodes with warm cum all over himself. Wow, it sure does look like he effectively restrained himself for quite a good while, just for us. I told ya he seemed like a sweetie!

Watch muscular and hung newcomer Rocke jerk off at Active Duty

Watch muscular and hung recruit Rocke jerk off at Active Duty