Mike De Marko and Jay Alexander fuck each other in “Big Dicked Lovers” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released a new flip-fuck scene, called “Big Dicked Lovers“. Mike De Marko and Jay Alexander have been dating for a while now but they haven’t had sex until today. They both have really big dicks so they were very hesitant with one another about being fucked. After some hot foreplay it becomes very apparent that tonight is the night where they flip flop and get to feel each other’s tight eager holes.

Once the intense kissing ends Mike’s big fat cock gets blown by Jay until they both flip into a beautiful 69 while Jay’s big round ass and hole is visible for all to see. Mike gets to fuck first so he lubes up Jay’s ass with his wet tongue than slowly pushes his big dick balls deep into Jay. He moans with pleasure as he feels the base of Mike’s balls rubbing up against him. Mike’s passionate fucking is making Jay ooze out pre-cum with each thrust.

Jay can only take so much of that big sexy cock so they flip so Jay can get his dick wet. Jay pushes his long sexy dick all the way into Mike making him unleash his sexy moan as Jay begins to thrust deep into his tight ass. The passion never stops and only builds up to the finale climax where both of these sexy men let loose their juices up Mike’s hairy manly chest. Enjoy!

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Watch Mike De Marko and Jay Alexander flip-fuck at Pride Studios


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