Matthew Reeves barebacks Dante’s tight hole at Active Duty

Boy, talk about two peas in a pod! This is Matthew Reeves matched up with Dante at Active Duty, and they sure out did themselves. Matthew is first to suggest a little fooling around, and Dante doesn’t hesitate to lean over and take Matthew’s growing cock into his mouth. Some nice, passionate sucking gets things heating up quickly. Then Matthew returns the gesture, and goodness does he enjoy it!

I can tell Matthew is one of those natural-born dick suckers. He uses his whole body to get just the right motion on the cock. The incredibly hot sucking leads the guys to take It on to the next level. Dante gets on all fours on the couch, presents his tender ass to Matthew, and Matthew pushes his swollen meat right into that warm, inviting hole. Wow, what a hot penetration! Once he’s in, Dante struggles a bit, but the two work together to get into a nice groove.

After some good fucking doggy-style, Dante goes to his back to let Matthew have some more fun. This proves to be a little tougher on Dante, but gosh, Matthew seems to be A-OK with taking the action down just a half notch. Then the guys to a side-fucking position which allows us a fantastic view of Dante’s hole being fucked. Matthew gets bolder around this point, slapping Dante’s cheeks a bit. And then it’s back to doggy for an incredible finish for these guys.

Watch Matthew Reeves bareback Dante’s tight hole


Watch Dante getting his tight hole fucked by Matthew Reeves


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