Officer Jesse Jackman fucks Lorenzo Flexx in “Parole” part three from Titan Men

Titan Men has today released the third scene from their “Parole” movie. Checking in on former convict Lorenzo Flexx, officer Jesse Jackman finds the painter at work—and is tempted by the muscle man’s jockstrap, peeking out above his ass. He frisks him and checks his monitoring device – which has a broken seal. “It was a mistake!” pleads Lorenzo. “I can’t go back to prison!”

Sensing the opportunity, Jesse advises “It’s all about give and take” as he rubs Lorenzo’s ass. “Take it,” he replies. “It’s yours.” Jesse fingers the jock, then spits on his hole. He turns the sub around and shoves him to his knees, unleashing his massive dick. Lorenzo sucks him deep, coughing as he reaches the base as spit drops cling to Jesse’s groin.

Jesse rams Lorenzo from behind, slowly grinding in deep. The top spits down on his own dick as he fucks, then turns the bottom over. Lorenzo strokes his big cock as he gets pounded, releasing a white hot wad – Jesse’s massive muscles and abs t! hen clenching as he squirts on him.

Watch Jesse Jackman plow Lorenzo Flexx’s hole at Titan Men

Watch Lorenzo Flexx take Jesse Jackman’s big cock at Titan Men