Carter Dane and Jimmy Durano double-fuck Levi Karter in “Just Love” part four from CockyBoys

CockyBoys has released the fourth scene from their documentary mini-series called “Just Love – a Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom“. This episode features CockyBoys exclusives: Carter DaneLevi Karter and Jimmy Durano. It continues to look into the paths that all forms of love, acceptance and self-discovery takes us.

This episode takes us back to that secluded island off the coast of Puerto Rico for a three-way between Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano and Levi Karter. In episode 2 we learned alot of what self love and sexual freedom are to Carter and Jimmy. In this episode we learn more about Levi and his path to self love and acceptance. Loving and accepting yourself is definitely a process and doing it as a gay man is challenging. Levi shows us that it is a natural process we all go through.

So after a fun time playing on the beach, Carter, Jimmy and Levi are ready to get down to having a different kind of “fun”. A threesome is always hot and steamy to watch. But with these three guys you have a added dimension for all of them truly enjoy every pleasure that is given and gotten. This is the way all threesomes should be with no spot left untouched – and as the highlight, a double-penetration for Levi Karter. This steamy adventure was perfect in every sense of the word.

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Watch Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano and Levi Karter fuck at CockyBoys

Watch Carter Dane and Jimmy Durano double-fuck Levi Karter’s ass