Amir Dib and Julio Rey tag-team Jose Quevedo in a hot Kristen Bjorn threesome

This hot bareback threesome from Kristen Bjorn, starts with Julio Rey and Amir Dib having a smoke outside when Jose Quevedo passes by. He can’t take his eyes off these hot guys. Apparently, Jose passed by at the right time because Julio and Amir are feeling very hot and horny. Flanked on either side of Jose, Julio and Amir escort Joes back to Amir’s flat.

Once inside Jose questions whether this was a good idea or not, these guys are very aggressive and determined to take what they want. As the men strip down and their rock-hard cocks demand attention Jose realizes that he is exactly where he wants to be, in-between these two hung tops. Jose spits and sucks on both men’s uncut cocks, working his way from one to the other and back again for more.

Jose bends over to take all of Julio’s cock into his mouth as Amir darts his tongue in and out of his eager hole. Amir and Julio are tag-team experts and share all the pleasures of their bottom. Now it’s time for Julio to tongue-fuck Jose as Jose swallows Amir whole. Jose then squats down onto Amir’s raw, veiny cock as his own meaty cock flops around. Jose then moves over to Julio’s throbbing cock, who gives him a hard and deep ass fucking.

Being flipped onto his back, Jose is fed Amir’s huge cock deep into his ass while Julio feeds his mouth. Julio and Amir flip and Julio massages Jose’s prostate perfectly, before he allows him to cum they switch up again and soon Amir fucks the cum out of Jose. Julio has been feeding Jose his cock to choke on and explodes his creamy load all over his hungry mouth. Amir creams Jose’s furry hole inside and out, leaving Jose drenched with loads of cum.

Watch Amir Dib and Julio Rey tag-team Jose Quevedo


Watch Amir Dib and Julio Rey tag-team Jose Quevedo at Kristen Bjorn


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