Cute straight boy Fillip goes gay for pay in Czech Hunter #266

In Czech Hunter episode #266, we’re being introduced to yet another cute straight boy. This sexy Czech was in desperate need for some extra cash and he received an offer which is pretty hard to refuse.

In front of a hospital I  bumped into a guy looking at his cellphone. He had a bandage around his arm, which looked like a nice conversation opener. It turned out that he got injured in the warehouse where he works. In the Czech Republic, you don’t get sickness benefits for the first three days of the sick leave. Which can be very difficult for some people.

Fillip, which is the boy’s name, was more than happy to show me some skin to compensate for the lost money. His beautiful chest was worth much more than 500 I paid him. I could say he wasn’t gay, he went through a break-up some time ago, so I had to thread carefully. Was this sweet and innocent angel greedy enough to get really dirty?

Watch Fillip go gay for pay at Czech Hunter

Watch straight boy Fillip go gay for pay in Czech Hunter #266