Ripped newcomer Anthony Banks rubs out a creamy load for Active Duty

Here’s a brand new Active Duty recruit that you’re gonna absolutely fall in love with.  He’s Anthony Banks and he’s just the type of guy we’ve been hungry for!  At 6’3′, 205 pounds, he’s a big, nicely chiseled breath of fresh air. Once the shorts come off, we find out that Anthony is indeed  well endowed!

He has a large dick to which he applies plenty of oil, right from the start. Claude gets in nice and tight to show us the wonderful girth and strength of that stiff meat. Then Anthony stands up and we have a gander at his thick rump roast!  My goodness, this boy has an irresistible butt and I can’t wait to see it put to some good use here!  I hope we see Anthony back and can convince him to let another recruit fuck his ass.

That might be a lot to wish for now, but I think we’ll have no trouble at least convincing him to use some of that power I can see to bang out a fellow recruit. We definitely have another outstanding recruit here and I don’t think I need to tell anyone that.  This was just a solid first-time showing from a guy that should easily work into a perfect, welcoming spot on the squad. Another fine prospect and they keep rollin’ in!

Watch ripped newcomer Anthony Banks solo at Active Duty


See new recruit Anthony Banks jerking off for Active Duty


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