Nathan Raider bangs Johny Cruz with his thick 9″ cock in “Hole Raider” from UK Hot Jocks

UK Hot Jocks has released a very hot hardcore scene with the hung hunk Nathan Raider and greedy bottom boy Johny CruzDom Nathan Raider sets the tone immediately by standing over his sub, he holds his face and slowly spits into his open and willing mouth. Sub Johny Cruz has a sensual look in his eyes, this is the kind of treatment he wants, he craves it and seriously gets off on it, each spit, slap turns him into a writing, sexual, submissive beast.

Nathan has no problem feeding his twisted desire, He slaps his ass as he pushes him down on his massive 9″ cock, giving him a firm taste of what’s going in his hole. Putting the harnesses to good use Nathan Rags Johny around, putting him in any position he see’s fit to fuck him in. pushing his boots behind his head, opening his hole up to the sky he ploughs deep into him with his huge dick!

Flipping him over he practically fucks him through the light box, Johny winces but secretly he’s loving it. Pulling him off the box hr bends him over, pushing him into the corner, pulls one leg up and fucks him stupid. Big thick cock sinking into his not so tight hole, well not so tight any more!

See Nathan Raider banging Johny Cruz at UK Hot Jocks


Watch Nathan Raider dominate and fuck Johny Cruz at UK Hot Jocks


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