Killian James breeds Alexis Belfort’s ass in this kinky Bulldog Pit video

The guys from Bulldog Pit have released a hot and kinky scene, called “Toys“. Top fucker Killian James takes full pleasure with dark haired Alexis Belfort as his bottom boy for the day. Joining Killian in the blackened room, Alexis laps at Killian’s hairy armpits, tasting the sweat, getting the full flavor on his tongue as he then enjoys Killian’s delicious cut cock too. The singlet Killian wears frames his hairy torso, muscled and covered in a trim layer of hair, the young fucker enjoying Alexis’s exploratory tongue tasting every available inch of his exposed skin.

Fitting a ball-gag to his boy, the attention will surely be fully on that smooth bubble butt, and we aren’t let down. Propping him up, Killian plunges tongue, finger and dildo deep into Alexis, getting his boy to push back and take as much inside his young ass as possible, and then some more – pushing his boundaries and stretching his limit that bit further each time.

Graded red toys making way for super-thick textured blue crackstuffers designed for maximum pleasure and maxi mum control for Killian to skewer Alexis to the spot. Sliding his raw dick deep into Alexis after, the sloppy lubed hole the perfect home for Killian’s thick meat to slide into, Alexis going hard and fast on top of Killian, eager not to let Killian down and wanting as much cum in his ass as possible, which Killian gladly obliges, his bare dick exploding with wads of the good stuff all over the place before getting it fucked swiftly inside, wasting as little as possible and turning on Alexis so much his own load follows immediately as Killian fingers his cummy hole.

Watch Killian James breeding Alexis Belfort’s hole at Bulldog Pit

Watch Killian James breed Alexis Belfort’s hole at Bulldog Pit