Spanish stud Anthony Naylor plows Sam Barclay in “Spanish Milk” from UK Hot Jocks

UK Hot Jocks has released a very hot hardcore scene with the sexy Sam Barclay and Anthony Naylor. Casually bumping into each other on the hillside next to an abandoned car, the guys curiosity extends from ‘what is this doing here’, to ‘lets go for a walk together’. A walk indeed. One look at each others sun kissed skin and little shorts, coupled with the heat of the Spanish afternoon gets the blood flowing.

A little walk later the boys come across an idilic spot, beside some old farming equipment with an eye-wateringly stunning back drop, a perfect place to fuck! It doesn’t take long to strip out of their barely-there summer clothes. And get down to sucking some hard dick. Sam tries to stuff as much of Anthony’s massive cock down his throat, both guys muscles glistening in the hot sun. Anthony throat-fuck/pile-drives Sam’s face in a hell of a hot sucking position!

Leaning against a disused farm plough, Anthony does some ploughing of is own and Mr Barclay’s arse is the target! In an act and position of bravery Sam balances inside the the equipment using only his hands, letting Anthony get at his arse from underneath, it has to be seen to be believed! Crazy hot fucking followed by massive spunking, both guys were seriously full of juice!

Watch Anthony Naylor plowing Sam Barclay at UK Hot Jocks

Watch Anthony Naylor plowing Sam Barclay at UK Hot Jocks


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