Robin Castel fucks Paul Delay’s tight twink hole at French Twinks

On a warm summer evening, Abel Lacourt, Robin Castel, Matteo Lavigne, Timothe Besse and Paul Delay meet for an evening barbecue. The French twinks are having a great time, when Robin gets closer to Paul, who completely forgets to keep an eye on the meat on the bbq. Things are getting dangerous when the barbecue catches fire! After an attempt to extinguish the fire, it becomes clear that the barbecue can no longer be used.

Matteo, Abel and Timothy leave the table to order some pizza, leaving Robin and Paul alone. Paul is hungry but there is nothing to eat, except for Robin’s big sausage. He begins to swallow his cock and takes it as deep as he can. Just like the barbecue, the boys are in heat and Robin soon wants a piece of Paul’s ass. Robin fucks Paul on the chair and then on the table.

Paul cries with pleasure and asks for more and more. Robin uses all his energy to plow that smooth ass, the table shakes, dishes fall down and moans are getting louder. The two twinks finally found a way to satisfy their appetite and shoot their loads simultaneously.

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Watch Robin Castel fuck Paul Delay at French Twinks


Watch Robin Castel fuck Paul Delay’s twink ass at French Twinks


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