Hans Berlin rims and fucks Gabriel Phoenix’ ass at UK Naked Men

In this new release from UK Naked Men, the sexy Hans Berlin is on the prowl looking for a vulnerable, cutie to lure back to his playroom. Gabriel Phoenix‘s naive, but curious and of course super hot and overly hung. Gabriel’s up on tip toe as Hans pulls him in for a very tonguey kiss and within seconds Gabriel is  ‘up-for-anything’, Hans sucks the handsome lads big dick and makes sure he’s well and truly in the mood before lifting him up and back into the sling.

Hans manouevres the boy into prime position, arse, balls, uncut cock, all  exposed, its like a buffet of erogenous zones, and Hans is a hungry man. Gabriel moans with pleasure as every sense he has is sated by Hans’ probing tongue, fingers and finally at last that club-shaped cock, the kind thats thicker at the head than at the base, so every time Hans pulls it out of that sopping hole, Gabriel is stretched, puckering and drooling wide open, its not gonna be long before this boy blows!

Watch Hans Berlin rim and fuck Gabriel Phoenix’ ass at UK Naked Men

Watch Hans Berlin fuck Gabriel Phoenix’ ass at UK Naked Men