Inked newcomer Gage Unkut fucks Brenner Bolton in “He Likes it Rough & Raw 2” part one

After a successful first installment of “He Likes it Rough & Raw”, Bromo has today released the first scene from the second mini-series; “He Likes it Rough & Raw 2“. This scene marks the debut of inked newcomer Gage Unkut. This sexy beast loves to dominate and his partner – Brenner Bolton – is a sucker for dominance.

Gage Unkut makes Brenner suck his big cock till it’s hard, wet and ready to penetrate his bare ass hole. Gage uses a t-shirt around Brenner’s neck to pull his head back while he fucks him from behind. He also ties up his hands to fuck him like a helpless fuck-toy. This is hot, so don’t miss the first part from this new series.

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