Alexander Siddig plows Peter Bazelan’s hairy fuck-hole at Butch Dixon

The guys from Butch Dixon couldn’t wait to get sexy, hairy studs Peter Bazelan and Alexander Siddig revved up, stripped down and lubed up ready for a hairy-guy fuckathon. Both these blokes are brand spanking new, horny, masculine, beefy and of course hung. Peter’s a cheeky lad and real ‘crush’ material, he’s also a ravenous bottom and total cock pig. Peter couldn’t wait to unzip his burly partner and let him sit back as he goes to work on that juicy, swelling member.

He actually said ‘ feeling an uncut cock stiffen in his mouth is his raison d’être’ – a boy who knows his place! His own dick hardens, the helmet swelling an pushing back the foreskin to expose that glistening helmet, so ready to be licked. And when Alexander’s bloated member is fully hard its time to rubber him up – our sexy sub-boy straddled Alexander’s big, muscular legs and guides that dick into his puckered, waiting, hairy fuck-hole…

See Alexander Siddig plowing Peter Bazelan’s hairy fuck-hole at Butch Dixon

See Alexander Siddig plow Peter Bazelan’s hairy fuck-hole at Butch Dixon