Justin Owen fucks Ian Levine and Brad Chase in “Double Bubble Butts” from Helix Studios

It’s late at night and the moons are full in the latest Helix Studio release, called “Double Bubble Butts“. Tonight is extra special and the love light is shining down brightly on the hard, horny and smoldering hot young stud puppy, Justin Owen.

This ripped and ready, hunky horndog has the distinct honor of mounting two of the rightest rear ends in the industry. Watch as this resident Helix Studios ”drill sergeant” piles on the smooth physiques and fit perfection that make up the truly twinkalicious pair of Brad Chase and Ian Levine in a scene that will make any Helix Studios fan howl.

See Justin Owen fuck Ian Levine and Brad Chase at Helix Studios

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Watch Justin Owen fuck Ian Levine and Brad Chase at Helix


  • I know that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself bouncing on those double bubble butts!???