Chase is back for more ass, pounds Kellin bare at Sean Cody

Handsome muscle stud Chase was craving for some more ass to pound, so he came back to Sean Cody and they paired him up with Kellin… with an ass like his, they just knew Chase would be pleased!

“I think he’s a fun guy to work with, he’s got a great ass…nice, tight ass actually! By far, it’s definitely the biggest ass that I’ve been paired with.” He knew how to take full advantage of Kellin’s big assets and take pleasure in making him moan.

“He looks sexy as fuck, especially when he was cumming while I was fucking him. I didn’t want to stop!” Kellin took it like a champ and then came back for more, letting Chase do whatever he wanted with him! “Exhilarating! It felt amazing!” Kellin couldn’t stop smiling. He was left with goosebumps by the end of it all, and Chase was left satisfied like we knew he would.

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Watch Chase pounding Kellin’s bare ass at Sean Cody