Adam Ramzi fucks Carter Dane in a hot outdoor scene from CockyBoys

This week, CockyBoys presents a new scene with new Adam Ramzi and CockyBoys exclusive, Carter Dane. Starting off the Holiday weekend with surefire fireworks ensures there will be plenty of sparks flying around. Adam has been around the industry for a while now while Carter is new. But both men started creating porn as a way for self-expression and self-exploration.

So for both men, this journey they are on is nothing but full of sexual freedom. Pairing two muscular, sexy men like Adam and Carter together was perfect with their instant chemistry and desire to explore each other so no spot was untouched.

This is a scene that goes beyond sex by melding the mind and the body as the pinnacles of pleasure are reached. There is no doubt that this won’t be the last time Adam and Carter have some fun together as the instant fireworks were huge!

Watch Adam Ramzi plowing Carter Dane’s ass at CockyBoys

Watch Adam Ramzi fucking Carter Dane’s hole at CockyBoys