Sebastian Kross fucks Derek Bolt in “Ultra Sex” part one from Falcon Studios

Inked muscle jock Sebastian Kross runs his hands all over Derek Bolt‘s muscled body in the first part from the Falcon Studios movie “Ultra Sex“. With their jockstraps bulging, they lock lips in a kiss and press their jacked bodies together. Sebastian jumps up on a riser that puts his cock level with Derek’s face: the perfect height for Derek to give Sebastian a thrilling blowjob.

Returning the favor, Sebastian goes down on Derek’s meaty tool, tweaking Derek’s nipples in the process. Derek throws his legs up in the air, allowing Sebastian access to his tight hole. With his tongue, Sebastian goes to town on Derek’s sweet ass. They start fucking doggy style, with Sebastian ramming his throbbing meat into Derek’s muscled bubble butt.

Knowing how it sets him off, Sebastian reaches around to pinch Derek’s nipples. Rolling on his back, Derek beats off and blows his load while Sebastian is still inside him. Sebastian cums on Derek’s face, shooting his load into Derek’s mouth and across his chin.

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