Nathan Raider fucks Johannes Lars’ smooth boy hole at Bulldog Pit

He may look innocent but Johannes Lars – with his long blond hair and pale features – is anything but! He knows where to go for some big-dicked action, and heads straight there! Toned and muscular Nathan Raider is waiting, his thick dick stiff in anticipation for who he might chance across, and when Johannes turns the corner, it’s the jackpot.

Stripping each other, you can almost see the dicks stiffen as they run their hands over each other, Nathan’s beautiful torso and dick and Johannes’ smooth milky white complexion the perfect pairing for these horny fuckers. Devouring dick, Johannes can’t get enough and when the raw assplay begins, it’s heaven for this twink!

Ploughing deep, Nathan pins his legs wide open, giving him unlimited access to his smooth ass and we see everything is awesome close-up as if we can reach out and slip a finger inside! Johannes’ ass will never be the same again after Nathan’s through with it, fucked down into any surface available, Johannes has nowhere to go until Nathan’s ready to shoot and covers the boys hole with his cum, fucking it inside of him and showing him exactly who he belongs to now!

Watch Nathan Raider fuck Johannes Lars at Bulldog Pit

Watch Nathan Raider fuck Johannes Lars at Bulldog Pit


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